Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator

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I am fond of using the expression: enjoy sport, enjoy life. Participation in sport activates this magical fusion of feelings, thoughts and behaviours, enabling the athlete to redefine possible and transcend the ordinary. To describe sport as just a physical activity is to describe Everest as a hill. Sport offers so much: fulfillment, joy, longevity, health, quality of life, well being, but sadly sport has on some occasions short changed athletes and coaches. Excessive focus on winning has meant mental health, well being and  the development of life skills have taken a back seat.
Elite Feats is a high performance program that activates the key players in the athletes development and gives them affordable access to psychological tools that work. No fluff, no snake oil, no empty promises
Over the years I have had much exposure to sports administrators, psychologists, parents, coaches and athletes (including Olympic athletes, youth Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions) across the spectrum from recreational sport to elite sports (triathlon, fencing, swimming, track and field, karate, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball..). My work is guided by 3 themes: engage, activate and deliver. This means to engage with the client, create a partnership that activates their strengths and resources and delivers results (this doesn’t mean a podium finish but being their best) and achieve their goals. I am a keen swimmer (open water endurance) events, my aim has never been to win the race, for a start this is not achievable, but to challenge myself to exceed my expectations.
The key to your performance is understanding psychology, how it works and how you can use it to achieve your goals. All players in the athlete’s development including the athlete must have a working knowledge of psychology. This is your magic wand. Sadly, this was beyond the budget of many coaches and athletes. This inaccessibility and lack of awareness were the spark that lead me to create Elite Feats. A high performance program that gives users affordable access to quality psychological tools that work. I urge you to invest in yourself take a sneak peek, better still buy the tool or module that fits your needs and celebrate the difference.


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