Making High Performance in Sport Your Reality
Elite Feats delivers the psychological skills, tips and tools to lift your game.

What is Elite Feats

Elite Feats is a structured, easy to use program that puts the power to perform in your hands.

Use Elite Feats to

Find your winning formula

Determine your optimal performance state

Create a winning partnership with your coach

Build mental toughness

Control your emotions

How does Elite Feats work?

Elite Feats gives athletes the psychological tools to achieve better results

Athletes complete 4 performance development modules, each explains in plain language the performance essentials.

Athletes apply these concepts, complete practical exercise, then receive their athlete’s report - a road map to better performance.


Want to lift your game, but not sure how?

Let Us Work With You To

Build your awareness of what works for you

Discover the psychological pillars for high performance

Get the best out of your relationship with your coach.

Match physical fitness with mental fitness to get better results


Want to take your athlete to the next level but lack time, resources or the expertise?

Let Us Work With You To

Build a winning partnership with your athlete

Give your athlete access to game changing tools

Create a performance foundation for your athlete

Activate mind tools in your athlete’s development


Want the best for your child in sport but not sure how to do this?

Let Us Work With You To

Understand your child’s performance needs, their goals and how to fulfil them

Use sport to give them early access to life skills

Strike the right balance between performance and well being

Make the most of this opportunity

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